Our Story – My Wedding Journey - Australias Ultimate Wedding Planner Journal

Our Story

Having been a bride myself - I understand the roller coaster of emotions you experience as a bride or groom. You're feeling so happy; over the moon excited.. but before long people start asking questions.

When are you getting married? Do you know where you'll have your wedding? Who have you chosen to be your bridesmaid or groomsmen?


All of a sudden that excited feeling makes way for anxiety, where do I start? What should I do?

It's our intention with this planner that the pressure will be taken off brides and grooms that would like to do a DIY wedding but need some guidance in regards to where to start. We've created a journal that is very affordable in comparison to hiring a full wedding planner, especially when the bride and groom is on a budget!

It's also a perfect gift from friends or family instead of the usual chocolate or flowers.